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              1. 首頁>load cell_稱重傳感器
                load cell_稱重傳感器

                Guangzhou Nanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                Guangzhou Nanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous and professional company of importing world’s well-known brands transducers, mainly deals with load cells, pressure transducers, torque transducers, Hall transducers, flow transducers, displacement transducers, velocity transducers, acceleration transducers and related transmitters, modules, amplifiers, indicator and other accessories. 

                It’s the important seller of industrial spare parts in China.

                we also possess the experience and technology in providing end-to-end service which covers system concept design, process flow configuration, control implementation, software development, hardware design and installation, system simulation and trial run.

                Guangzhou Nanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                Address: Room 10F, Tianfu Building, Tianhe Plaza, 268 Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, PRC, China.

                TEL: 86-020-82303306
                FAX: 86-020-82303511
                Zip-Code: 510660
                E-mail: postmaster@nchtech.com

                Now we have opened our mind to seek the famous brands manufactures or distributors in all around world. We sincerely hope foreign partners can connect with us, complement the advantages of each other, trail blaze the Chinese markets and win together. We are experienced in expanding Chinese markets, and we have a ripe channel in selling and stable customers, we also get a powerful and competitive selling team . Cooperate with us will be the fastest way to develop your own Chinese Markets. Nanchuangers are insisted in complemented benefits leading a win-win situation! 

                With our professional services and honest management, we have built a good reputation and credibility in domestic sensor industry And related power chemical,oil,gas,metallurgy,military industry,building materials,steel,wine,food,package,production automation ,light industry,scientific reseach and  many other fields of production process control systems. Nanchuang Electronic Technology is stick in “Top Quality, Top services, Top speed” rule since it was founded. It always adheres to the customers, which makes it being spoken highly of all the time. “Best Supplier”, “Best Co-operated Partner” are given by many companies, “Good and Trustworthy Reputation Contract Integrity Enterprises” and “Credit Level AAA Enterprises” are given by Guangdong Administrative Department and Commerce.

                Guangzhou Nanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is closely contacted with the highest technique research institution----The External Relation Division of Southern Industrial Research Institute of Electronic equipment & Sensing, which belongs to The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now, Guangzhou Nanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has become a individual company, it has a lot of senior, professional transducer selling engineers. Mr. Zhang, the Chief Technical Adviser of our company, is the specialist who gets the special allowance from The State Council in The Southern Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and he is loading the project of researching and developing Hi-Tech sensing technology in our country. We would like to supply the accurate selection for the customers, guiding how to install and test the products. We promise that we will basic on the strength of our technique skills, to help our customers get their goals quickly in their work, with the best price ratio, and our hearts, supplying the best, the perfect solutions and services. We stick on pursuit of excellence to look the world, and we will supply the products with a high price ratio to our customers, guarantee the shipping date, and 100% imported. To be the best and the leader of the distributor of industrial imported spare parts in China, make the No.1 Brand transducer selling in China. Our goal that we never give up is to make the great contribution to Chinese Measure-control and Industrial Automation Systems!

                Nowadays, we have set up 20 area offices in provinces step by step. Also, there are branch companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Changsha, Lanzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and Xi’an these 12 cities, and establish a sound sales network and after sale service in the country. We will gradually improve the set up to 160 after sale service outlets, to make our marketing, selling and servicing system more complete, and prove a full range of personalized services, to offer you a good imported product and a sensitive design project, and Before-and-After sale technique supports and commercial services are supplied as well.

                Transducers top-rand in the world, first-class distributor in China!

                To be the special distributor of industrial spare parts, not only in China, but also the world!

                Service Concept:

                “Three-Top” rule, “Top Quality, Top services, Top speed”.

                No matter how large the customers are, no matter how big the thing is, no matter how many problems there will be, the satisfaction and benefits of our customers are always at the first place!

                Corporate Philosophy:

                Best character to walk, best quality to stand, there is no difficulty is insurmountable if we set our mind on it!

                Spirit of Nanchuang:

                Link Nanchuang with our hearts, and transcend ourselves!

                Corporate Spirit:


                Style of work:


                Aim of work:

                Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Not only the best better!


                Selling Concept:

                Mutual benefit makes cooperation, cooperation makes developments.

                Integrity business, and promise solemnly!

                Our goal:

                Set up international brands, build the first-class enterprise, and become the No.1 brand of transducer selling in China, make the great contribution to Chinese Measure-control and Industrial Automation Systems!

                Management Concept:



                • 其它類型傳感器(流量、速度…)


                • 世界傳感器品牌,專業代理。中國的,世界的工業備品備件分銷專家
                • 優勢一:廣州南創是一家大型傳感器、儀器儀表、工業備件“沃爾瑪”!中國傳感器聯合會誠信“AAA”級成員,多家世界知名傳感企業中國市場開拓核心合作伙伴;
                • 優勢二:完善的全國銷售服務網絡:12個區域辦事處、20個分公司、遍布全國的售后服務網點,為您及時便捷實現上門無憂售后服務;
                • 優勢三:為國內多家知名大中型工業企業、航天工業企業提供國際工業自動化控制檢測設備及工業稱重系統和傳感器設備儀表,緊密依托中科院及清華大學的技術支持合作交流。技術、產品可靠值得信賴。
                • 優勢四:鄭重承諾:三個月內產品有質量問題無條件退換貨;
                • 優勢五:資深工程師專業為您提供全方位完善的一條龍銷售服務指導,售前專業方案設計、產品選型指導,售中安裝調試,售后三年上門免費跟蹤維修服務;
                • 優勢六:全國優勢價格支持銷售,凡在我們公司購買產品,如果同類產品高于主流市場價格,我們雙倍補還差價,性價比高!
                • 優勢七:我公司在國外設有7個境外專業采購中心,原裝進口,貨期快捷,價格具有優勢,可靠、放心
                • 優勢八:我公司代理169個品牌,全國同類產品系列全、品種多,進口產品專業亞太區分銷商,多家世界知名企業中國合作伙伴代理。
                經營性網站備案信息安全網絡中心 信息中心
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